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Filta Group Holdings PLC Operates in 3 Regions

Our Fryer Management business, FiltaFry, is provided exclusively through Franchise Owners in each region. In the UK, Filta currently provides its other services to commercial kitchens via Company Owned Operations.

Learn more about our Master License holders in other countries.
  • 1996Invented FiltaFry Machine

  • 1997First FiltaFry Franchise Owner

    Established in the United Kingdom (UK)
  • 2003FiltaFry Launched in USA

  • 2010First FiltaSeal van in the UK

  • 2016IPO on AIM London Stock Exchange

  • 2017First FiltaFry Franchise Owner in Canada

  • 2017Acquired Grease Management Ltd

    Offering a complete grease management solution in the UK.
  • 2018Acquired Master License Holder

    Expanded FiltaFry in Germany.
  • 2018First FiltaFry Franchise Owner in Austria

  • 2018Acquired Watbio Holdings Ltd

    Expanding grease management, pump and drain solutions in the UK.
  • 2019First FiltaFry Franchise Owner in Spain