CEO Welcome

A letter from Jason Sayers

Welcome to the investor relations section of Filta Group’s website.

We hope you find this area of our website useful to understand our business, our financial performance and any other information that might be of interest to our existing investors, potential investors or interested parties alike.

Investor Relations is a high priority at Filta Group and we make it our mission to ensure the investment community is well informed about the Company as well as being with the latest news.

2018 was an exceptional year for the Group, with two strategic acquisitions significantly boosting our performance and geographical footprint. The buy-in of the FiltaFry franchise in Germany has enabled us to peruse greater market share in Europe, whilst the acquisition of Watbio has allowed us to consolidate the grease management market in Europe and positions Filta Group as a market-leader in the FOG market.

Group performance improved in all areas, with adjusted operating profit up 5.8% on the previous year, an indicator of our continued success. We are confident that further growth will be achieved throughout 2019, as the Group will benefit from the integration of Watbio and new activities in Europe.

I hope you find full financial details for the Group as well as everything else you need here.

Very best,

Jason Sayers