Environmental Services to Commercial Customers for 20 years

Servicing over 5,000 customers every week with Cooking Oil Filtration & Fryer Management Services

Filta provides Cooking Oil Filtration & Fryer Management Services around the world to restaurants and other food establishments, servicing over 5,000 customers every week and has recycled over 1/4 billion litres of oil. This is Filta’s core and original service FiltaFry.

Over the years, other products and services have been developed to be provided to the same customer base, taking advantage of Filta’s market knowledge and working relationships:

  • FiltaFry - new oil supply and waste oil removal have been added to the core FiltaFry service.
  • FiltaSeal uses patented equipment to install new refrigeration seals in commercial refrigerators on site.
  • Filta Refrigeration is a commercial Refrigeration and HVAC specialist carrying out servicing, maintenance and installation of equipment.
  • FiltaGMG provides grease and drain management services .

Everything at Filta is about increasing the loyal customer base and providing valuable, unique services that provide Filta with recurring revenue streams.